Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I Am Link

--- Horny Bastard - There's a new batch of on-set shots of Danny Radcliffe in Horns online, see 'em over here. I love their dedication to that hint of chest-hair they've given his character; it's really taking it over the top for me. I finally read this book a few weeks ago by the way; it was pretty good. I look forward to seeing what they do with it, movie-wise, anyway.

--- Juno Loves Chachi - Diablo Cody sold a sitcom to ABC. It sounds dumb on paper - girl in her 30s dates guy in his 20s! - but I groaned at a show about a mom with multiple personality disorders before Tara, too.

--- Z Is For Lots of Zeroes - AICN has the first snippets of footage from World War Z, the ridiculously expensive zombie movie starring Brad Pitt that's been having some behind-the-scenes drama, as well as a look at what could handily win the title The World's Most Boring Teaser Poster Ever.

--- Cylon Cometh - They also have the details on the long-delayed Battlestar Galactica prequel Blood and Chrome, which stars airing online this Friday on YouTube. There are ten chapters that will be released through February, and then SyFy will edit them into a movie version.

--- Han Goofy - One of the things I missed being essentially off-line last week was the whole "Disney buys George Lucas and will make a thousand Star Wars movies" thing, which, well my first reaction was that sounds great! Maybe they can get somebody to make a good one now. I wouldn't mind Star Wars being like James Bond, continuing forever. The world is big enough. Anyway Harrison Ford says he'd totally play Han Solo again, so there's that.

--- Faster Dom - Our boyfriend Dominic Cooper has a new role - he's joined the racing video game adaptation Need For Speed opposite Aaron Paul; Dom will play an ex-NASCAR driver slash gear-head who makes fancy cars fancier for speed-freaks. Will we finally find out if he wears anything under his jumpsuit? Stay tuned.

--- Outdoors Infection [REC] co-director Jaume Balaguero has signed up to make Summer Camp, which sounds like a riff on the Cabin Fever genre of movies. Yes, please. Oh and did you know Balaguero's latest film Sleep Tight, which has gotten terrific reviews, is on demand to watch right now? I think that's what I might do tonight, actually.

--- And finally, proving themselves the awesomest movie chain in the history of ever once again, the Alamo Drafthouse has announced they will no longer allow people to go into movies if they show up late. I want to hug the stuffing right out of Tim League & Co. Now will they open their damn NYC locations already?

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