Friday, November 30, 2012

I Am Link

--- Gay Bond Gay - There's an interview with Daniel Craig over here where the subject of "that scene" with Javier Bardem in Skyfall comes up and he says this:

"The scene you're talking about... I think you'll find that they're just playing. They're fucking with each other. And to call Javier Bardem's character gay or anything would be shortsighted because I think he's a megalomaniac and all that goes along with that."

Well sure, Daniel, we all know that. But that's not as much fun, now is it? God, go watch Life of Pi, and then come back and tell me the FUN story, dude.

--- Ha Ha Huh? - There are rumors that Greta Gerwig and Noam Baumbach are filming something at Barnard right now. This filled me with dread that they are reshooting some of Frances Ha, which has scenes at Barnard in it, and which I found to be pretty much prefect in every way. Since it's not out until Spring, who knows? Hopefully they are just making another movie, and we all win. Frances Ha - Part II: Ha Harder!

--- Man Boy Love - I'm only pointing you to this negative review of the broad German rom-com What A Man so I can say I didn't know it was being released here in the US and it's star Matthais Schweighofer is totally adorable and we already gratuitized his bum from this flick way back. It's also got Thomas Kretchmann in it, and they touch.

--- Dome Tube - Stephen King's giant book Under the Dome, which I liked quite a bit of (the ending... uh, notsomuch), was supposed to be made into a TV show by Showtime, but now it's being said that it will actually be made for CBS instead. They've ordered 13 episodes - I can't really figure out if that's a self-contained (har) storyline - like, a miniseries? Will the story end after 13? - or if they mean to go into multiple seasons, or what. I mean the book is long, but even King only found so much you can do under a dome, you know? Plus if it's on CBS all the horrific violence will be somewhat censored, and who wants that? But it is from Brian K. Vaughn, the writer of Y: The Last Man, so really... I want it no matter what.

--- Porn Again - What will forever be referred to as James Franco's Gay Sex Movie is playing at Sundance; we spoke about it before, right here. It's where he imagines the explicit footage that got cut out of William Friedkin's S&M romp Cruising. I am happy to see the really cute guy from co-director Travis Mathew's short explicit film I Want Your Love (that link is very much NSFW) named Brenden Gregory listed in the cast, because he's, uh, really cute. V/H/S sequel S-VHS will also be playing at Sundance, by the way.

--- Lasso Lady - Apparently they're going to try to make a Wonder Woman TV show again? I know this is revolutionary thinking, but how about you give this show to a... woman to run? Gasp! Men keep bungling it all up though, and seem totally incapable of wrapping their head around the character. This new thing's description isn't filling me with high expectations.

--- Nothing In June - Or they could just let Joss Whedon try his hand at Diana again? Yeah, probably not, since he's Mr. Marvel now. But speaking of Joss, his eensy-weensie little Shakespeare adaptation Much Ado About Nothing with all his usual troupe is going to be released into theaters on June 7th. You know how I was bitching about EW naming Ben Affleck "Entertainer of the Year"? It struck me later that same day that Joss owned that cover. Damn them. I guess handsome brown-eyed muscle-men probably sell more copies, or something. They underestimate the geek contingent.

---  FX Follies - Over at The Film Experience Nat takes a look at the slowly whittling down field of Oscar possibles for Special Effects this year, and I may or may not be linking just to use that shot of Andrew Garfield in his Spidey tights, that's up to you to judge.

--- Villains United - Hey look here's Ian McKellen talking about playing Magneto again! I love that he manages to say the phrase "Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy's parts," while doing it, too.

--- Blue Man Group - James Cameron is going to shoot the Avatar movies, that is a part two and a part three, next year. He says he'll shoot them in 48FPS is people like it when they see it with The Hobbit. He also says hey, he might shoot it in 60 FPS! Or maybe a million frames per second, Jim! How about a billion???


iggy said...

That short was.. wow! That's exactly how I wish Weekend had gone ;)

Anonymous said...

isa it jsut me or did Brenden Gregory looks like Henry Cavill.He could easily pass as his twin brother!