Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Am Link

--- Mommy Fearest - I totally forgot that visionary director Mark Romanek is going to make a live-action version of Cinderella - let's hope it turns out better than Snow White and the Huntsman (which I actually liked more than most people did, but still) and Mirror Mirror (I was on the same page with everybody on that one). He hasn't done anything since Never Let Me Go (a movie I adore), and it took him eight years to make that movie from his previous (One Hour Photo). Anyway we did already know he was making this, and if this is the way he's got to go to get a movie made then there could be worse news than this to get it rolling: Cate Blanchett has signed on to play the Wicked Stepmother! Or is about to sign on, you know how these things go. That is a fine direction for this thing to be heading. More like this please.

--- Argo Fuck Yourself - Eww Ben Affleck got Entertainer of the Year from EW? Really? I mean I thought he looked fine in that brown polo in Argo too, but come on. That movie is only a moderate success at what's it's trying to be, at best. He's not even very good in it! Ugh Oscars season's already gumming up my mood!

--- X Solo - This is all based on the ramblings of one actor, but they're friends so he might know - actor Jason Flemyng says that X-Men Muppet Babies director Matthew Vaughn might actually direct the new Star Wars movie. I've heard a lot of grumbling about Muppet Babies lately, here and there, but I loved the movie - I found it stylish and funny and emotional and thrilling. So I am totally on-board for him taking a go at Tattooine et al. 

--- Rampage The Movie - The Playlist alerts us to the beginning of Guillermo Del Toro's giant monster movie Pacific Rim's online viral marketing campagin, with the usual strange websites and bleepety bloopety junk. The exciting part is they think a countdown therein means a trailer might be showing up in two weeks. That is what I am all about. The movie's out next Summer.

--- Agent Him - A new face for Joss Whedon's Marvel-centric television program S.H.I.E.L.D. - his name is Brett Dalton, that's his handsome mug to the left, and he's apparently stepping into one of the show's leads, a super efficient killer of sorts. He's been on a couple of TV shows before in small roles but this seems to be his big break. At this point I always have faith in Joss' casting abilities, so bring him on.

--- On Set - Slash rounded up several behind the scenes videos and pictures from a few different movies, including more from Catching Fire (I spy a Peeta! In a wet-suit!) and the Robocop remake.

--- Indie Schmindie - The so called Indie Spirit nominations came out yesterday, and you can see them over at The Film Experience with a little expert commentary from Nat.

--- Bloody Face - The first image from the sequel to the horror anthology V/H/S is called S-VHS (after the higher quality kind of videotape, of course) and you can see it at Twitch. It is bloody. It's also successfully creeping me out. It's from the segment that's being directed by Gareth Evans, who made The Raid: Redemption. One thing that I find kind of annoying about the sequel - they didn't get a female director to work on it, again. The first film rightly got a lot of shit for its misogyny.

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