Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gratuitous Gardner McKay

Just when I start to think I've found 'em all and wrung the entirety of film history dry of surprise hunkiness, along comes Gardner McKay to smack me around a bit and tell me to find my senses. Also, some smelling salts, because damn.

Gardner was an six foot five inch tall art major and sailor who was discovered by Dominick Dunne. So, you know. According to lore, back in the 50s when he was a TV producer Dunne spotted Gardner and walked over to him and slammed down his card, saying "If you're interested in discussing a television series, call me." Mmhmm. I'm sure that's all they "discussed."

Anyway that TV series turned out to be something called Adventures In Paradise, which ran from 1959 to 1962. It involved him being on a boat a bunch, or something. He was also on a show called Boots and Saddles, which I think is a bar in West Hollywood. And he played "Bearded Soldier" in Raintree County - I'm sure he and Monty had plenty to "discuss" as well.

Besides being an actor, he was also a sculptor (apparently one of his sculptures was in MoMA), photographer, and a writer - he won a bunch of awards for his writing, and was a literary critic in LA for several years, as well as teaching at several universities.

So you know, feel free to hate the beautiful artistic intelligent son of a bitch all you want. But do it after you check out nearly sixty more pictures of him after the jump!


Anonymous said...

His feet are huge!! I mean, I don't really believe that old adage but seriously look at them!

designing wally said...

What a ruggedly handsome man, great post!

Anonymous said...

According to his autobio," Journey Without a Map" (finished by his wife after his death), he was hopelessly hetero. but has a gay son in Paris. Believe the foot adage. Just look carefully at those photos! "Journey" is a fascinating, but often depressing, account of his early life. Typical gifted child syndrome drifting from project to project. It is also a miracle he overcame his mother's resentment of him.

Lisa B said...

Was just watching the Pleasure Seekers (1964) and he is in it. Can't believe I never saw this movie. Would have loved this as a teen in the '70s. Had never heard of him but I started reading about him - what an interesting guy. Also from some angles he reminded me of Brit actor Toby Kebbell.