Friday, November 16, 2012

I Am Link

--- Fassy X - I think somehow I have up to this point missed making mention of the fact that Bryan Singer is making the next X-Men movie? That seems impossible - me not mentioning it, not him directing - but I think that's right. So yeah, he is! Which is nifty. I wish he'd directed the third one and not left poor Jean Grey's fate up to that hack. Anyway here's what he has to say about the costumes on Twitter. No word if he'll be personally inspecting Fassy's inseam, but I should hope so - a director should be thorough on all fronts.

--- Shower Power - Over at The Film Experience Nathaniel's cat Monty has made his latest Oscar prognostications, and signs look good for Hitchcock.

--- Thesp Weaver - Love this charming brief chat with Sigourney about playing a cougar and how she conflated Ellen Ripley with Henry V. I wish she'd make something worthy of her again.

--- Solo Redux - AICN was nice and scanned a bit from the new issue of EW (I am too lazy to see if EW has actually posted this bit online on their own website, plus I like the old-fashioned nature of a scan anyway) about the future for Lucasfilm now that they've been sold to Disney, including wanting to make multiple films per year, which is a vast step up from their usual slower paced schedule, as well as making it clear that Han Leia and Luke all will most certainly be a part of the next Star Wars movie in some capacity. Can you imagine if they KILL one of them? The internet will explode.

--- Eddie Again - Bryan Fuller's exporting Eddie Izzard from playing Grandpa Munster on Mockingbird Lane over to his other TV show Hannibal for a guest role - he will play a serial killer who's locked up in the same prison where Dr. Lecter eventually finds himself.
--- Hot Meat - I have no idea who "Trey Songz" is but I'm guessing from that clever moniker he's a musician - one attempting to be an actor now, because he's in the next Texas Chainsaw movie, which brings me to this old-person-befuddled moment of trying to figure out who he is, because he looks hot anyway.

--- Big Better - A shit-ton of movies will be released in IMAX next year, but I think this is still fake-IMAX right? They've slapped their brand on shitty screens; there's only one true IMAX screen here in NYC (the one at Lincoln Square) so unless it's playing there, I will not buy. Anyway I mention this because Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity is one of the movies listed, and I totally hope that's in true IMAX because I'd like to see it that way.


Sandman said...

So yeah, he is! Which is nifty. I wish he'd directed the third one and not left poor Jean Grey's fate up to that hack.

You and me both, brother. You and me both.

Drew F said...

Hey now, Siggy was in Political Animals and that was awesome! I still check USA every once and a while to see if they've managed to un-cancel it :(

And I too would like to second (or am I third-ing it?) that ANYTHING would have been better than that disaster known as X3...And Brian Fuller just sounds more than fantastic :)

Drew said...
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Drew F said...

DAMNIT! Posting on too many things at a time: Brian SINGER, thats what I meant :P