Friday, November 16, 2012

Good Morning, World


I've got Ben Whishaw on my brain this morning because 1) He is adorable and talented so why not, and 2) I was listening to The Film Experience's latest podcast on my way into work and he came up thanks to Skyfall and Nathaniel mentioned he thinks of Ben as not having genitals because of The Tempest and this made me sad for Ben Whishaw, who I assure you does indeed have genitals. I even had Matthew Goode make sure for me.


Will h said...

For a not that great movie, Brideshead Revisited really has given us all so much.

Anonymous said...

that poor man has the body of my 12 year old brother, with an angel's head pastedon top of much can he weigh? like, a hundred pounds, soaking wet?