Monday, November 12, 2012

I Am Link

--- Snow Man - It's been so long since I've heard anything about Snow Piercer, the English-language debut from the director of The Host (also, it's produced by Park Chan-wook) that I forgot it existed. Which is nuts because it stars Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and Jamie Bell, amongst others. Well the Weinsteins just snapped it up and are planning on a release next year. 

--- Oh Gilly - Guillermo Del Toro, never one shy to yap his mouth about the next thousand projects he's lining up until the end of time, talks to a couple different sites about Heaven Sent, his supernatural superhero movie for DC (think of it as the dark side of the Justice League), as well as the possibility of a sequel for Pacific Rim.

--- McAvoy Leaks - Bill Condon, who will forever have Gods and Monsters on his resume no matter what, is making a movie about Wikileaks and it will star Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange and James McAvoy as Assange's "right hand man." I wish that were actually as gay as it sounds.

--- Force The Force - Disney's not surprisingly plowing full steam ahead with plans to make new Star Wars movies now that they've purchased the rights from George Lucas for the measly sum of fiveteen gazillion dollars. They have hired the writer of Toy Story 3 to write it. Hey it's already off to a better start, without Lucas writing credits. Still no idea what sort of story they are going for though, but who wouldn't want to see Carrie Fisher's old gray buns? (As an aside, I really figured there would be an image on the internet of Princess Leia as an old woman, since approximately 74% of the internet consists of Star Wars fanwankery, but after a couple minutes I found nothing. Isn't that weird?)

--- Bana In Blue - Eric Bana (that's his ass there) is in talks to star in Beware the Night, the next movie from the director of Sinister. I didn't like Sinister that much you may recall, but Eric Bana needs to work, so I support this. BTW is about a cop investigating paranormal shit in New York City. Hopefully while wearing very tight pants.

--- Parlor Tricked - Paul Verhoeven screened his next project at the Rome Film Festival this week - it's a crowd-sourced thriller called Tricked. "Crowd-sourced" means that the script was written five pages at a time by the internet. Read all about it at The Playlist - apparently it's a lot of fun, and Verhoeven held it all together somehow. Of course he did! He is a crazy genius.

--- I Want Anna - DH has a massive gallery of stills from Joe Wright's Anna Karenina, but Aaron Johnson's most beautiful bum is covered in every single one, be forewarned. Seriously though I think this might be the movie I am most looking forward to that I still haven't seen this Fall? It's up there anyway. I want to lick its costumes.

--- Eye Spy - Over at Stale Popcorn Glenn takes a look at Michael Powell's brilliant 1960 horror thriller Peeping Tom, which I am really overdue on a rewatch.

--- Puppy Love - The director of Bullhead directing a movie starring Tom Hardy about puppies? Sign me the eff up!

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I was convinced that my brain was extra horny when that McAvoy pic started to move.

Did not see that gif coming.