Monday, November 12, 2012

Danny Dyer Picture Dump

This seems to happen every few months - something random will make me think of British actor Danny Dyer (it's always something random, never one of his movies, because we never get any of his movies here in the US)  and I'll look up a bunch of pictures of him, and before you know it I've got enough pictures for a post, but no real reason to post them. Nothing to share verbally, that is.

Oh look it's him again, apparently still existing out there in the world, whoopee. I guess he's playing a gladiator in something? I impatiently await the up-skirts. Oh and I did find this quote from him, talking about his role in the 2007 film Straightheads, which is... something:

Interviewer: How do you mentally prepare for a fuck scene? And emotionally, just how difficult was it for you to play a character who becomes impotent?

Danny: It’s weird. It’s an agonizing thing to have to do. You can’t think about it too much. You just fuckin’ do it and give it 150 per cent – you can’t hold back on shit like that. The irony is that me cock was absolutely rock-hard rolling about with Gillian Anderson. So there’s the whole scene where I can’t get it up, and I roll off the bed and there’s about 30 people in the room and me cock’s like that [gestures a huge boner]. I’ve finished the scene and me cock’s slowly going down and it’s the most vulnerable fuckin’ place you can be – with all those people around you watchin’ your cock shrink, like that [gestures cock shrinking].

I would love to know what Danny Dyer's sign language for "huge boner" and "cock shrinking" is, wouldn't you?

Anyway... lucky Gillian Anderson, huh? Yeah he's a pig, but he's my pig. Hit the jump for several more, including some more homo-eroticsm with Tamer Hassan (previously documented here)...

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