Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gratuitous Chris Zylka

I have let Chris Zylka get away from me! I shoulda known this would be a fertile time for picture-taking where he was involved - he has made of himself an incredible object to be admired, far and wide. Yet somehow I haven't posted anything in a couple of months. We must right that, because there is a lot to right it with. A lot.

Which we'll get right to. First though, I checked to see when the last time we posted on him was, and it was in late June when he was announced as having joined the second season of American Horror Story - a news item which obviously made me happy. One of them peanut-butter crashing into jelly moments. But since it's now November and American Horror Story's second season's halfway through, I got curious - where the heck is he? The news is not good.

Via Zap2it came word way back in September word that Ryan Murphy canned him when he was hesitant about shaving his head for the part. Jinkies! Whatchu thinking, Chris? We have seen you with next to no hair, and you look plenty good, dude!

Anyway that is a shame. I'd have liked to have seen him in there. Maybe him and Evan Peters playing doctor... alright alright back to the topic at hand. I've got over fifty new Chris Zylka pictures, and you are going to look at them. After the jump with you!

Hello! And don't forget we've posted plenty of pics of Chris before;
click on yonder for all of all of it. He gets naked a lot.

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billybil said...

This man looks very sensual in these photos. This man looks like a guy who would be well worth a visit. A long, intimate visit. Yum.