Thursday, November 15, 2012

Everybody's Getting Hardy

I'm really quite upset that I missed Lawless when it was out in theaters; I really meant to see it but it slipped through the cracks. I know reactions were mixed, but with that cast and crew behind the camera, it's frankly unmissable. Anyway thankfully I see now that it comes out onto DVD at the end of this month so I won't have to go too much longer, I guess. In related Tom Hardy news, I'm guessing these pictures of him are how he will look, or thereabouts, give or take (hopefully give) some very snug leather pants, in the Mad Max movie? I believe it's an opinion out of favor but I quite like his big bushy beard. And finally, because I have offered nothing much of actual substance so far, here's word that Tom has just joined the video-game adaptation Splinter Cell - excuse me, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - which will be written by the writer of Tom Tykwer's fairly forgettable film The International. (Althought that movie did come to mind while watching Skyfall - they both used those same Turkish rooftops for an action scene.) So there. That's something.

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billybil said... met my needs in a different way. These pictures do not make me want to do Tom Hardy. Sorry - the bushy beard and the fat cigar just make me more convinced he's too much of a "dick" for me. But then again...sometimes when you're the one exception in a dick's life. Hmmmmm