Thursday, November 15, 2012

Do Dump or Marry - The Osborne Corps

Maybe you have heard of a little somebody named James Franco? (Whether you're happy or sad about that at this point in The History of James Franco I concede could go either way.) Well he just happened to play a role in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies by the name of Harry Osborne, maybe you remember that? I mean I'd understand if not - it was all of five years ago, and whose memory goes back that far now? Harry is Peter Parker's good friend, the son of the well-to-do Norman Osborne. Well now they're set on casting Harry for this new five-year-later generation, and the names being bandied are Brady Corbet (of Mysterious Skin and Martha Marcy May Marlene fame... not to mention "I see him in the crowd at every movie at the New York Film Festival" fame)...

... Alden Ehrenreich (who just might be the most-posted-about-at-MNPP actor that I've never seen in a movie)...

... and Dane DeHaan, who everybody loved in the surprise hit Chronicle last year (and who's totally getting it on with Daniel Radcliffe in that Beat Poet Movie). So I have two questions for you. First...


And second,
do dump and marry them in the comments!


The Bloody Munchkin said...

Dump DeHaan, because he looks too much like DJ Qualls for me to ever take him seriously.

Marry Alden Ehrenreich, because Yum!

Do, Brady Corbet

Dame James said...

Well, this requires little to no thought. A rarity for this game!

DO Dane DeHaan
DUMP Brady Corbet
MARRY Alden Ehrenreich

Roark said...

Do Corbet.

Dump Ehrenreich.

Marry DeHaan. He's adorable.

Will h said...

I agree with the Dame hat this one is easy: DO Alden, DUMP Brady, MARRY Dane.

Jason Adams said...

For the record I think Dane should play Harry, but I would dump him. I would do Brady, and I would marry Alden.