Thursday, November 15, 2012

Good Morning, Jonny

British fuzz-monster, Jude BFF, and Angelina-ex Jonny Lee Miller turns 40 today - so who's been watching Elementary? Anybody? Not me - I already have love in my heart for one Sherlock Holmes show and I only have so much love to give. I am curious how it is though, especially if they're managing to make a different show than Sherlock. Also... Elementary is still on, right? I have no idea how things have been doing ratings-wise. Anyway it's a success at least where getting Jonny shirtless is concerned, and isn't that what really matters? Not to mention - in front of bookshelves at that! My favorite sort of gratuity. Swoon.


billybil said...

It's a great show and I love, LOVE Jonny in it. They give him lots of indulgent physical and facial moments - just watching him think and subvert feelings and stuff. It is such fun. And his accent is sexy and Lucy is playing it so simple and quietly strong and beautiful. I think you're a fool for not watching. It's smart and interesting and not even remotely like the more eccentric, fascinating version you love so well. Honestly, Johnny alone is worth the hour of your time. He's just so difficult and sexy and boyish and annoying!!! And it's doing really well in the ratings!

Scot said...

Frankly I think Benedict Whats-his-guts plays a smarmy little know it all prick of a detective. Jonny Lee Miller plays Sherlock Holmes with baggage and believabilityMiller, as usual finesses the character he's portraying. Benedict Whats-his-guts was great in Tinker, Taylor....but he's no Sherlock Holmes. Thats just my opinion I know but I've also read akk the Holmes mysteries.
Plus Lucy Liu is a gem.