Friday, October 26, 2012

The 13 Whores of Halloween: Day VIII


Chris Hargenson (Nancy Allen), Carrie 
Oh, Billy. Billy. Oh, Billy. Oh, Billy. Billy. 
Oh, Billy. Oh. Oh, Billy. I hate Carrie White. 

I was torn over which "Nancy Allen in a Brian DePalma movie" whore to use - Chris, who mouth-coerces her asshole boyfriend towards villainy, or her good-time-girl in Dressed To Kill... ultimately I came down on the side of Carrie because I always come down on the side of Carrie, but there's always next year. 

Point being, Carrie White might've won our hearts as the virgin in pink ("It's pink, Mama") but Brian DePalma married the girl who will take out her gum and blow you in the front seat of your car, so bad girls win. (Unless the "good" girl has telekinesis, in which case I suppose they don't win so much as die by explosion and fire.)

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Unknown said...

"mouth-coerces his asshole"? I guess that's one interpretation.