Saturday, October 27, 2012

The 13 Whores of Halloween: Day IX


Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), Psycho
"I'll lick the stamps."

Listen, it's just a fact of life - John Gavin asks you to give up respectable girl propriety for a lil' afternoon delight, you put on your best bullet bra and you make a go of it.

Similarly, you then cheat and lie and steal just to get some more. It's just the way it is. Notice that it's not until Marion gets outside of town, far away from the diabolical hypnosis of his spell-casting nethers, that sense begins to work its way back into her. And so she finally decides to wash the lingering stink from that spectacular specimen of man off of herself, and be a good girl again... too late, too late.


Anonymous said...

I'm a whore for John Gavin too.

Dale M. said...

John Gavin also starred in the first adaptation of the OSS sries that Jean Dujardin made famous. Oh, what I would do to have a John/Jean menage a trois! I diugress. But you can check out some stills of John Gavin as OSS 117 here.