Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sick To Sufjan And Beyond

Thanks to everybody for the well wishes while I was off being sick yesterday - I am the slightest smidge better today so I'm going to be trying to play some catch-up, especially since I saw a shit-ton of new movies this weekend - Sally Potter's Ginger and Rosa! Brian DePalma's Passion! Michael Haneke's Amour! Steven Spielberg's Lincoln! - that I'm going to have to eventually say something about. I might wait until I'm not quite as doped to the gills on medicine for reviews though. But there's other junk. 
Junk like this terrific news! I mentioned it at MNPP's tumblr but as predicted, Sufjan Stevens will indeed be touring with the release of that brand new 5 EP Xmas boxed-set he's releasing. You can see where and when here - two nights right before Christmas here in NYC! I don't think they've released information on when tickets go on sale yet, unless it happened this morning, so we'll stay tuned for that. Seeing Sufjan live is not something to be missed.

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