Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I Am Link

--- Gay Bait - Paper has a chat with queer filmmaker Travis Mathews about his collaboration with James Franco on that art-porn they got together to make about William Friedkin's Cruising. There's also a clip but don't expect anything exciting, it's just a few talking heads.
--- Gulls and Gumption - There's a quite candid, one of the most candid ones I've ever read, with Tippi Hedren on the topic of Alfred Hitchcock (what else) in the New York Times. She comes off as... oh let's say feisty. Alternately, cantankerous.
--- Speaking of Hitch I guess a new shot of ScarJo dolled up as Janet Leigh was released the other day and somebody did a side by side of them to compare. It's all about those brows, man.
--- Juli-fied - Olivier Assayas, the director of Carlos and Something in the Air which is playing at the NYFF right now, is reteaming with world's greatest actress Juliette Binoche - who was typically marvelous in Summer Hours for him - on a film called Since Maria. Says Olivier: "I've written it for Juliette Binoche, it's based on her. A Juliette Binoche movie about Juliette Binoche with Juliette Binoche." So basically the greatest movie ever made then. It will be in English, too.

---  On Abe - Here's a round-up of online reactions to Steven Spielberg's Lincoln which was the surprise screening at the NYFF yesterday. I saw it, as I mentioned, and will try to write something up myself if I can. Oh and here's a round-up of reactions over at The Film Experience, too. Oh and oh here is Joe Reid's review.

--- Porn Stash - Slash has the trailer for The Canyons, that movie that Bret Easton Ellis wrote and Paul Schrader director that stars Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen. And here's Glenn making fun of it.

--- Nic & Zac - You should read Nat's take on The Paperboy if you want to know exactly what I think. We seem to be on the exact same page. Also you should read it just because it's always worth reading what Nat say, regardless of me.

--- Rubber Man - Today's rumor is an old one that has new life - if WB makes a Justice League movie, they apparently want Armie Hammer to play Batman. Only if he wears this costume!

--- The Driver - Nicolas Winding Refn says that there won't be a sequel to Drive but that Ryan Gosling character could end up showing up in another one of his movies, someday.

--- Prison Mate - Paul Dano has joined the cast of Prisoners, that movie starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.

--- Audrey Attacks - EW has a clip from the extended director's cut of Little Shop of Horrors, which got released on DVD this week. I haven't watched it yet but it's apparently from the big ending that got slashed.

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