Monday, September 10, 2012

I Am Link

--- The Second Frontier - Rumors are being floated that JJ Abrams' second Star Trek will be titled Star Trek: Into Darkness. I feel like I have to sit with that title for a minute, roll it around on my tongue. Anyway JJ & Co. have managed to keep this thing pretty well sealed off spoiler-wise haven't they? I suppose the most important thing is Chris Pine's well-stuffed boxer briefs make a reappearance. Maybe possible villain Edgar Ramirez can join in.

--- Love, Luca - The Playlist has word on a couple of projects from Luca Guadagnino, the director of the terrific Tilda Swinton vehicle I Am Love - he's remaking the 1969 flick La Piscine which starred Alain Delon and Romy Schnieder, and that will be his English-language debut; and he adapting James Ellroy's The Big Nowhere, which is the second book in Ellroy's so-called "LA Quartet" (the first book is The Black Dahlia and the third is LA Confidential).

--- Nic First - David Gordon Green has signed on to make a "gritty Southern drama" called Joe which will star Nicolas Cage as an ex-con who becomes a substitute father to a homeless kid. The important thing about this news is the fact that DGG is planning on directing this this Fall, which puts the status of his Suspiria remake into question, which he was also supposed to direct this Fall. Just when i was getting keyed up for it! You should recall it's set to star Isabelle Fuhrmann and Isabelle Huppert. Dammit, I never thought I'd still say this but I hope it still happens.

--- The Big Thumb - Roger Ebert's life is getting the documentary treatment from a rather impressive trio - Martin Scorsese, writer Steven Zaillan, and Hoop Dreams filmmaker Steve James. It'll be based on Ebert's memoir Life Itself, which came out last year, which I've been meaning to read since, oh, last year.

--- It's Pat - Patrick Wilson is set to star in Caught Stealing, a noir-ish thriller about a washed-up baseball player (jock, jock, jock!) turned drunk who gets caught up in underworld shenanigans thanks to some ill-timed cat-sitting, or something. It's based on the first book in an apparently popular trilogy of books by Charlie Huston. The script's from the writer of X-Men 2 and Watchmen.

--- Oh Twelve - Last week I linked y'all over to my take on Summer's hits and misses at The Film Experience; over the weekend Nat posted a podcast wherein he and Nick Davis and Joe Reid chatted up the same questions and you can listen to Part One here and Part Two here. I highly recommend it.

--- And speaking of Joe's highly valued opinions on things, he posted a half-year report card at his blog, tackling his favorite movies and performances from 2012 so far. Wonderful choices abound!

--- Fetish By Ryan - Ryan Gosling is writing slash directing a movie starring Christina Hendricks where she works in a surreal S&M sex club situated above a mysterious underground fantasy city? What the what?

--- Disaster Porn - STYD has a clip from the Peruvian earthquake thriller called Aftershock that stars the sexy ball of fright-loving fur Eli Roth. I have not watched it so I cannot testify to the amount of fur on display.

--- The Shape's Time - John Carpenter's masterpiece Halloween is going to get an apparently substantial re-release this October, just in time for its namesake. I couldn't really be more thrilled - I don't think that I've ever seen Halloween on a big screen. I really really hope they keep it playing for Halloween itself.

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Will h said...

I have not seen JJ Abrams' Star Trek in full, because time travel story lines are my least favorite. But I have seen the scene of Chris Pine in his underpants, and it is good. I promise JJ Abrams that I will watch as much of Star Trek 2 as features Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, or Anton Yelchin in their underpants. New Starfleet uniforms?