Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quote of the Day

I really didn't intend for today to turn into Robert Pattinson Day, but we're just gonna go with it because I really liked this chat with him and David Cronenberg about the making of Cosmopolis over at Time, especially this bit: 

Time: Robert, do you have any tips for actors who have to play a prostate-exam scene?

Pattinson : I was about three inches from Emily [Hampshire]’s face, which made it easier because if there was any distance she could have judged what I was doing, but the fact that it was so close meant that I had the upper hand—

Cronenberg: : As it were!

Pattinson : —In a very humiliating situation. That was probably the most powerful I felt during the making of the whole movie. I only found out later that a prostate exam only takes, like, a few seconds. 

Cronenberg: They literally take twelve seconds. If it goes on longer, then your doctor is trying to seduce you. 

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