Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh How I've Missed This

There'll be a new round of David Beckham underwear advertisements released this Thursday. Mark your calendars! What you mark them with is your own business.


John said...

I really enjoy this site a lot and reading it makes me laugh but I don't agree with you about Mr. Beckham. I'm not crazy about his look these days and I think he's slightly overrated. What is that banner from. It looks like a scene from a Bette Davis movie from the 40's (I only said her because she was very popular back then, it could be any acttress).

Jason Adams said...

John - The banner's from Hitchcock's 1940 movie Rebecca.

John said...

Thanks JA, guess it won't surprise you but I've never seen it but have heard of it.

Anonymous said...

1) Rebecca is AMAZING. Watch it.

2) I love how perverted this blog is.