Monday, July 16, 2012

When Good Things Happen To Bad Movies

I will never ever ever watch the Adam Sandler + Andy Samberg terrorist plot disguised as a comedy film That's My Boy. Never. Not ever. But I can no longer begrudge its existence now that I know it contains this backside view of Milo Ventimiglia in it:

(pics via) Not the clearest of caps just yet, so thankfully there are other people out there in the world who will be willing to buy the Blu-ray when it comes out in order to give us a better look. Ya see? There are good people in the world after all. People willing to toss their very sanity into the wolves den, onto the fire, to make the world a fuller, rounder, assier place. Bless 'em; they're saints every last one.


Will said...

I didn't see it, but I read a synopsis, and if this is from the scene I think it's from, the context is the death of eroticism.

JA said...

God I don't want to know! I prefer having them like this, void of context. VOID.

Smithy said...

Milo is also in his underwear (tighty whities!) through much of The Divide. Unfortunately he's slowly dying of radiation poisoning (and his character is a repulsive creep after a certain point too) so, per Will's comment, it's also not exactly the most erotic of contexts.

Moosey said...

He fuck his sister in that scene. Aw, did I spoil it for you? Good, consider yourself lucky.

Also, it might be my mind playing tricks on me but I could swear I saw a glimpse of his cock in that scene when he get out of bed. On leg is out the bed and the other is still on the bed and you see his junk dangling between his legs. Can anyone confirm this?

marcio said...

I pray to see he naked again since his shows his anus in the movie "Pathology", in 2008,what hot ass,I think he extremely hot!!!!I wanna see his ass more times!!!