Monday, July 16, 2012

Strip Teased


I have told y'all about MNPP friend Tom Blunt's spectacular spectacular variety slash cinema show "Meet the Lady" before - thanks to him I've gotten to sit in a room and listen to MNPP heroines like Beth Grant (see here), Louise Lasser, and several of the lovely ladies of Twin Peaks (Log Lady holla!) talk about their careers and assorted ephemera of note in the past, and it's been a blast each and every single go of it.

Which one of these is not like the others?

Well it's time for another show and if you're in New York this week you really would be a fool - a charlatan even! - to miss it. He'll be taking on the topic of "Burlesque" in the movies - no, not specifically the Christina Aguilera & Cher movie (although I assume that will be mentioned); rather the whole gosh-darned cinematic highlights slash history of it. There will be interviews - including, whaddya know, a phone chat with repeat Lady and all-around awesomeness Beth Grant! - and film clips and live performances, oh my. Nipples will surely be tassled and bumps will surely be grinded but good.

It's at the 92YTribeca, tickets are a dirrrrt cheap 12 bucks (seems I caught some Aguilera there for a second), and there will be an after-party to boot! From what I can tell there are still tickets, so you'd be a fool - a charlatan even! - not to snap up your own, says me. It really is a great evening every time and this promises to be the biggest one yet! Take it from Babs!


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