Thursday, July 05, 2012

Sink Your Teeth Into Dominic Cooper


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer has pretty much come and gone and been forgotten at this point - we're on to bigger badder blusterier things, it is Summer Movie Season after all - but I liked the movie and I love this story about an incident between co-stars ALVK Dominic Cooper and Rufus Sewell (via) which is new to me:

"Asked to share a favorite moment from the production, Cooper told reporters at a recent New York press conference, "I remember Rufus' tooth being planted in my cheek during our first fight."

Sewell, sitting alongside his co-stars and the filmmakers, confirmed the story was true.

"On my first day, when I had to bite him at the end of the scene, which I thought went rather well, my tooth was missing and a hunt was conducted and it was found stuck in the side of my co-actor's head where it had snapped off," Sewell laughed. "I hadn't been given the talk about how we bite when we've got actual sharp, actual teeth in our mouth. So, I think I went in a bit close and they literally found it stuck on the side of his head. ... That's why he grew [his beard.]""

Can you even blame Rufus? Who here wouldn't sink their teeth into Dominic Cooper's cheek if given the chance? Although I suppose they aren't talking about the cheek I am talking about. Unless that set was much weirder - slash awesome - than I think.

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