Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jennifer's Revenge

Just in case you haven't watched any of ABC's terrific soap Revenge I won't say who she's been hired to play since it's spoilery for the first season, but here's some news (understatement): Jennifer Jason Leigh has just joined the show's second season! Click over for the spoilery scoop on who it is she's playing. I can like JJL a lot in specific things (Synecdoche New York for the win) but all the things I've liked her in have relied upon me being immensely creeped out by her, so I'm unsure how that'll work in the context of this show.

I was gonna ask if she can manage the campy theatrics the show relies upon since she can come across as humorless and self-serious some times, but two things struck me - she managed campy theatrics spectacularly in Single White Female; and secondly, before the first season of Revenge I wouldn't have guessed that Madeline Stowe had such splendid campy theatrics up her sleeve either. But hoo boy did she ever. (Where's her damn Emmy nom?)

In related news, the first season is out on DVD on August 21st! 
So you can catch up and join in on the fun (so much fun) then!


John said...

I just read this on IMDB. JJL is playing someones Mom, we are not getting any younger are we?


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