Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You're Very Pretty, Pretty Pretty

We live in a very strange time. It seems every week there's a new WTF project being announced - the director of Sin Nombre and Jane Eyre wants to make two movies out of Stephen King's book It? Sure why not! And so this one just gets added to the stack. Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn is going to make a TV series out of Roger Vadim's 1968 sci-fi-kitsch classic Barbarella. I mean, these are the sorts of things you wake up from and think, what the hell did I eat last night? Read the details at Deadline. This is apparently a real thing, not a late April Fool's thing. I don't even know. 

But since everybody's going to immediately be clamoring to offer up their actress suggestions for filling Jane Fonda's thigh-highs I figured I'd go in the opposite direction, since that's what we do - who do you think should play Pygar, the studly messenger of light and feathered accessories that John Phillip Law brought to chiseled life in the original? Since it's Refn we're talking about I don't think I'm being insane by suggesting Ryan Gosling, at least so's we can imagine Ryan Gosling in Pygar's costume for a moment, or two, or ten...

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