Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stone's Cold Savages


I read yesterday how icky Taylor Kitsch thought it was to shoot his sex scenes with Blake Lively in Oliver Stone's new movie Savages and it reminded me, has anybody dashed my dreams of Kitsch on Aaron Johnson action yet?

We know the two actors play characters who are both simultaneously in a relationship with Lively, but since this is an Oliver Stone movie and his film's are generally so testosterone-fueled and hyper-manly (even though Stone's admitted to same sex action in his own past - although don't quote me on that; I can't remember where I read it and I can't find it now) I've just been assuming, with sadness, that they keep their hands entirely free from each other's genitals. Stone didn't even let us see Alexander mount Hephaistion, the bastard.

Blah blah, there's a new gallery of pictures from the film over here. I have every intention of seeing this movie even if the gay's entirely squashed, because Salma Hayek's craziness demands it.

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Jonathan said...

Well, they do (all three) go at it in the book. Having read the book, after learning about the casting, I sure do hope they are faithful to that part. The following in an excerpt from the morning after:

The boys quiet until Ben looks across the table at Chon, holds his thumb and index finger a millimeter apart, and says, "We're that close to being gay."
They laugh for half an hour.