Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Am Link

--- Beefcake Boss - Hey you guys, guess who saw Magic Mike last night? This asshole right here, that's who. I assume I'll write something up later-ish so stay tuned for that. But here's a fun fact: before Steven Soderbergh took on the movie, Channing Tatum had been talking with Nicholas Winding Refn about directorial duties. Just imagine! On a separate but related note, Soderbergh's talking up where he's going from here - he still has a couple films lined up but his supposed hiatus from filmmaking is looming larger every day. So... maybe TV after that? And thirdly, Magic Mike flashmob!

--- RIP Sarris - I spent awhile yesterday reading David Bordwell's piece on the just passed critic Andrew Sarris and it's well worth your time. I'd read a lot of Sarris back in school but it'd been awhile.

--- Still Bourne - If the new Damon-less Jason Bourne movie with Jeremy Renner does well then they might make the next one a team-up between Renner and Damon's characters. I still haven't seen any of the Bourne movies (I know, I know - in the name of all things Joan Allen what am I thinking?) but I don't mind picturing Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon "teaming up" at all.

--- Come On Charlie - Not good news regarding Charlie Kaufman's next movie Frank or Francis, the Hollywood satire - according to stars Elizabeth Banks and Kevin Kline the whole thing's on hold, postponed, for the time being. No word on why. Argh! Kaufman's not slacking, he's got lots on his plate right now including that HBO show with Catherine Keener and that adaptation of the Chaos Walking books for the screen - speaking of I am plowing through the first book The Knife of Never Letting Go right now and it's good! - but honestly after he made Synechdoche New York and blew me away I'd rather his return to the director's chair be his top priority.

--- Hobbit Fever - Fat hobbit Sean Astin has joined the cast of the next Cabin Fever movie - it's weird, Slash's article about it makes nary a mention of Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, which geeks like me mostly remember because of the sordid ordeal wonderful director Ti West had with the studio messing everything up. Anyway this third film is called Cabin Fever: Patient Zero and will have a bunch of douchebags (inevitably they will be douchebags) having a bachelor party (see?) on the Caribbean when they bump into a medical research facility, one thing leads to another, somebody's face falls off. It will also star the very hot piece Brando Eaton, pictured left.

--- Spandex Kings - DH did a nifty little job laying out where all the Avengers moolah stands as of today, fifty-four days in. It's passing the 600 million mark today, is why. God I hope Joss had a good deal. I know that Sir Ham Downey Jr. made ridiculous amounts of money - enough to go away forever, please? - but if Joss made a good chunk of change as well then I can mostly stomach that.

--- Angry Molesting Tree - Speaking of Joss, Michael C. did a fun little exploration of the white board in Cabin in the Woods, which is a movie I literally check for its DVD release date at least once a week, hoping it's been announced, and still nothing. When it's on DVD say goodbye to me, I'll be watching it five thousand times in a row, I swear it.

--- Unseen - BD points me over to somewhere I wish I hadn't been pointed - these limited-edition posters for Drive and especially Insidious are lovely, but they are 60 bucks each and I can't right now. Won't somebody think of my birthday???

--- Hung Up - And speaking of posters, our favorite poster expert Glenn is looking at what he deems the best designs of 2012 so far, and several of my faves are included, and even more are new to me and new favorites now. That sentence is gibberish, but it says what it needs to. New now new!

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