Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good Morning, World


As much as one could ever consider anything as lovely as "shots of Eric Bana without clothes on" leftovers I suppose that what we have to call these shots of Eric Bana without clothes on from the 2009 movie The Time Traveler's Wife. I suppose I was waiting until I actually got around to seeing the movie myself to post about it but that just has not happened. So we'll shoot this wad and call it a day. then. Hit the jump for the rest.

I mean honestly this film just offends me (and I don't just mean the wigs) - they had what they had to work with, prime Eric Bana in a story where his own nudity is a plot point, and the admittedly lovely yet all the same lackluster results are what you see here? Fuck you, The Time Traveler's Wife. You should have done better.

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TallTexasBoy said...

Shaving cream? He doesn't need to shave a thing. His scruffy look and chest hair are a real turn on.