Friday, June 08, 2012

Good Morning, Gratuitous Mark Feuerstein


A happy birthday to perennial "Hey it's that guy!" Mark Feuerstein today, who's managed to slip somewhat out of that zone with his lead role on USA's Royal Pains, which I think is a thing people watch? I don't know, I see the ads on the subway, and think "Hey that guy, he's cute," and then I move on with my life. 

But not today! Today is Mark's day. Things I learned about him from his IMDb page - he was born and raised in NYC (you're kidding me!) and he enjoys all kind of dancing, and I quote, from "hip hop to salsa." Groan. 

He's also an avid triathlete, which'll get no groans from me:

At least no groans of the unpleased sort. Anyway since he's been around for over a decade doing "Hey it's that guy!" roles he's done his fair share of the cute-but-not-quite-right guy on TV shows, which means he's taken his top off on more than one occasion. Hit the jump for several of these occasions.


Taylor said...

Sorry this is so random, but I came across your post because of google images. I was wondering if you could tell me which movie(s) the screenshots of Mark Feuerstein in bed with that guy, and the one where he's about to kiss another guy are from. Thanks!

Jason Adams said...

Taylor -- I thiiiink it's from an episode of Ally McBeal, if I am recalling correctly, but it's been awhile ;)