Friday, June 08, 2012

I Am Link

--- A Pennywise For Your Thoughts - If I didn't have so much to get done today I'd give this more space but most of you have probably heard the news already - Jane Eyre and Sin Nombre director and MNPP crush Cary Fukunaga is going to turn Stephen King's book It into two movies. I assume there will be a movie that deals with the characters as kids and then a movie that deals with them as adults, which makes sense. The TV miniseries version got the kid part down well enough, but the adult section was a mess, nevermind that stupid giant spider at the end. But then there's the topic of Tim Curry, who gave a brilliant possibly unimproveable performance as Pennywise the evil clown - I just don't know how you go about casting that part. But with a director of Fukunaga's skill, I am totally on board.

--- Biblical Hermione - I'm glad that Emma Watson seems to be doing well post-Potter, I find her immensely agreeable. She's made a movie with Sofia Coppola and now she's in line for a role in Darren Aronofsky's Noah, as the girl of one of Noah's son's affections. Ya s'pose there's drama regarding whether she should get on the boat or not? I think that might be some drama.

--- The Luv Guv - BD has a shot of David Morrissey as The Governor on the new season of The Walking Dead and sure enough yup just as I expected I would jump right on that. 

--- Be Frank - Love these tidbits from Frank Langella's memoir that Nat shared at The Film Experience - I always want to read these sorts of dishy Hollywood bios but I never know which are the good ones with the stories about the people I want to read about.

--- Dual Cronenbergian - David Cronenberg's much-anticipated-by-me new movie Cosmopolis will hit theaters in August, while his son Brandon's also much-anticipated-by-me new movie Antiviral will also be released sometime this year by IFC Midnight, meaning it will play at IFC here in New York and then also On Demand.

--- How Much Wood - Dread Central has several new images from Guillermo Del Toro's 3D stop-motion animated take on Pinnochio; they're basically just giving a feel for the design of the characters, which seem very much in line with what we've come to expect from stop-motion animation, aka long spindly limbs and sharp angles a la Jack Skellington. I think it looks fine but this design style is kind of seeming safe at this point, innit? Maybe somebody should try something new looking with stop-motion?

--- Space Elba - Hey look it's the first picture of Idris Elba in Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim! Via The Playlist. I wasn't expecting Prometheus style futurism, so I'm a little bit surprised - I had no reason to think so but I was expecting it to feel very here-and-now, just with giant fucking robots. Not that I'm complaining about getting to see Idris Elba in a tight jumpsuit! No way no how. 

--- Another Snow - Looks like there might be a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman, although seeing as how [spoiler alert!] we lost the film's most compelling character, the evil queen played by Charlize Theron in the first movie, I don't know where they go from here. I have gotten a chance to write up my thoughts on the movie so here's it in brief - I thought it was pretty fine but it felt rushed, as if it could have used another run-over the script, and I don't get the love for Atwood's costumes either; they felt half-way to me, too. My biggest problem oddly was the music, which felt absent and/or unmemorable when it was a movie screaming out for a good score. But the three leads were good, the effects were lovely, and I liked what it was trying to do with the tale as old as time, even when it didn't quite stick the landing. Actually go read what Aaron had to say, he gets at what I mean.


RJ said...

Someone should really tell Emma Watson that she's supposed to become a mess to make us feel better as ourselves. It's her duty as a child actor. Same goes for all the Potter kids. Radcliffe on Broadway? Felton making period dramas with respected actors? Hell, the girl who played Lavender Brown in the 6th one has her own mini-Felicia Day like web entertainment empire.

Lars said...

Sorry to tease, but in Canada (at least in Vancouver), Cosmopolis is out already!

And finally saw Moonrise Kingdom and let's just say it's charming but ultimately light-weight.