Friday, May 18, 2012

This Is The Trailer We Were Looking For


Wham bam thank you Channing!

The general reaction to the first trailer for Steven Soderbergh's male stripper opus Face/Crotch was that it was a little underwhelming - why is there all this yapping about coffee tables and feelings and shit? Bust out the thongs or get packin' (heh), movie! Thankfully the just released international trailer knows that international people won't be taking that shit, so they stuffed (heh) a bunch of the good stuff in. The stuff we really want to see! Like Manganiello...

... and Bomer...

... and Pettyfer, oh my!

Here's the trailer:

And after the jump are a shit-ton of caps and gifs I took from it. 
Because it is truly worthy of my efforts at last, for reals y'all.

And here are some of the shots from EW 
that I haven't posted yet, just because:


Mike said...

This movie should get SAG ensemble nod.
I totally can see this movie doing very very well on the box office this summer.

Tyler O. said...

The only one who looks remotely good is Bomer. Channing Tatum is BUSTED, honeys!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even download this from the pirate bay

Anonymous said...

Girl U Bugging Channing Tatum can still get it

iggy said...

God, I hate thongs. Nobody looks great on a thong, not even these guys. Jockstraps would've been so much better.

Also, it maybe because it's based on his story, but isn't Tatum a movie star that in other times would've been just the body double of real movie stars? I mean, if you think about Paul Newman's beauty and Channing Tatum's. There's no color.

Anonymous said...

^ well ideas of beauty change over the years. Channing's attractive in a beekcake kinda way mostly, but he has a very masculine face, with strong bone structure.

Paul Newman would be more comparable to someone else. Jude Law, for example, is stunningly beautiful.