Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My New Favorite Picture


I always knew I secretly wanted to be Muppeteer, but now I truly understand why - crouching at crotch-level with Christopher Meloni? Yes please. Also, Miss Piggy appears to be getting fresh with him, doesn't she? That's my pig.

(fan-art via) And as long as we're talking Meloni, I haven't watched any of the previews for the fifth season of True Blood but I feel like I would've heard if they'd shown his character, right? They haven't shown him yet then? Bah I know when they do get around to showing him he'll be doing something other than having sex with Alexander Skarsgard and/or Joe Manganiello and/or Ryan Kwanten which really is what every second of his screen-time on the show ought to be and therefore I will inevitably be disappointed once they do show his character doing something like talking without a dick in his mouth, or walking without a dick in his mouth... and so on. What a waste. 

And as long as we're talking about Meloni, part two,
here are some pictures of him after the jump. Damn, man.

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Anonymous said...

That red on his lips should be white. Right?