Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I Am Link

--- Alfred's Fever Dream - Alfred Hitchcock's gloriously romantic ode to emotional abuse Vertigo came out on this day in 1958 and The Playlist is recognizing its anniversary by sharing a list of five things you might not know about the film. I knew them all but then I am a Hitch spazz and there's not a whole lot left for me to know anymore, sigh.

--- Boys - Do you guys remember that web-series called The Outs that I told you to watch a few weeks back? Well the second episode is here, go watch it. Like, now. Or finish reading this post I guess and then go watch it. There are many cute Brooklyn boys in it, being cute, it's worth it, believe me.

--- Killer Thriller - The trailer for William Friedkin's super-black NC-17 rated Killer Joe is online, watch it at Slash. Or in even better quality at Apple. Apparently it's the main stop on Matthew McConaughey's "reconsider me as an actor, son" tour of 2012, and his role's insane in it. It co-stars Emile Hirsch and Emile Hirsch's furry nipples, and yay Gina Gershon! (Doggie Chow.)

--- Cam Slam - Angelina Jolie is not taking the lady role in Ridley Scott's The Counselor as had been theorized; it's going to Cameron Diaz, who I guess wants to try and be a serious actress again just like McConaughey. (Also she has new enormous breasts, so there's that.) The Counselor you should recall is Scott's next movie with Michael Fassbender as a lawyer who tries to do a little drug dealing on the side and it goes horribly wrong; the script was written by No Country For Old Men scribe Cormac McCarthy and the film co-stars Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem.

--- High & Tight - I wasn't really a fan of the first Kick Ass movie - it gave us the little girl who won't go away, after all, and features one of the most insufferable of her many insufferable performances - but I admire it for introducing us to Aaron Johnson for one, and for introducing us to him in a pretty well-fitted in the central area of his body jumpsuit at that. So now that there's real talk of the sequel happening, would I watch another hour and a half of him running around in that costume now? Even with Insufferable Girl there? I probably would. I'm so damned easy. But come on! Look at that thing.

--- Smashed - I only saw the Edward Norton version of The Incredible Hulk a couple of weeks ago and man alive it was terrible. Stupid, boring, clunky garbage. I need to revisit Ang Lee's film, which against all odds I was a fan of - it has been a few years since I've watched it though. This terrific picee by Tim at Antagony & Ecstasy does a great job plunking down Lee's film in the context of the still-going onslaught of superhero movies, and critiquing its failures (although I think he's too hard on Eric Bana).

--- Vision Queer - Glenn watched Vision Quest and got caught up in all of its glorious gayness, just like I did back a couple of years ago. It really is one of the gayest movies ever made. And with Michael Schoeffling shuffling around in wrestling gear, I ain't complaining. Oh ho ho no, no complaining here.

--- Hidey Hole - BD has a few pictures from the new Aussie thriller Crawlspace, which is not a remake of "The Single Greatest Movie Ever Made, Crawlspace starring Klaus Kinski" but something else entirely. For a hot minute we thought it was directed by Wolf Creek's Greg McLean, but it's only produced by him. Still, produced by him is enough to make me watch it.

--- And finally, this is to remind myself to watch this, but you can come along for the ride the more the merrier I always say - via Gawker he's the Disney-fied version of Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver:


Sean T. Collins said...

"hard on Eric Bana"

Jason Adams said...

Touché, Collins!

Nicholas said...

Don't be mean to Chloe Moretz, she's adorable and quite the little actress. What exactly about her is so insufferable?