Friday, May 04, 2012

Here Is Mark Ruffalo...


... giving a visual representation of how my insides feel about the fact that The Avengers is out in theaters now. Hulk spazz!

I'm sure more than a few of you have seen the movie already - indeed those of you who live abroad have maybe seen it a couple of times, judging by its already gathered up international receipts. I'm seeing it tomorrow. So feel free to let me know what you thought of the movie here in the comments but try to keep it spoiler-free. Be kind!

That said, The Avengers isn't the only movie out this weekend (although something tells me money-wise it will be the be-all-end-all) so if you head over to Celebrity Beehive you'll see me spouting off on it plus the rest. Will Dames Smith and Dench give Thor a run for his money? No, they will not. But Dame Maggie could totally kick his ass six ways from Sunday, have no doubt about it.


Eve said...

I live in Brazil so I'm one of those who had the chance to watch it earlier (saw it on opening day here, April 27th).

So...spoiler free, uh? Pretty hard to do that because every time I remember the movie I feel like quoting some of its memorable lines. But I'll try:

It's action packed but it never gets boring nor overwhelming (to the point you can't understand what's going on). Dialogues are witty and funny.

Each character has its moments, and you'd be able to enjoy The Avengers even if you hadn't watched their "origin" movies. And the special effects are flawless.

Even though my opinion might be a little biased here (I've been a huge Hulk fan since I was a little girl), I have to say Mark Ruffalo's Banner/Hulk was DEFINITELY my favourite character. But everybody is great, even Scarlett Johansson -- I was surprised she didn't suck...I guess we have to thank Whedon for that: he always write interesting female characters.

For Joss Whedon's fans out there: it's very Whedonesque -- with a big budget! Seriously, he's outdone himself with this movie.

Drew F said...

Well, I saw it opening night here in the states (about 20 hours ago now) and pretty much all I have to say about it is that it was FANTASTIC. Seriously, they had better get Joss to come back Avengers 2 (does that count as a spoiler?) because there is no way anyone else could do it justice.

And to comment on what Eve said above, I am pretty much the opposite: Ive never liked the Hulk very much in any of his incarnations (he always get sooo much credit for being the ultimate combination of strong and sensitive. What about people like The Scarlet Witch or The Phoenix or Franklin Richards? They could literally wipe the Hulk from existence with a thought and hey, they have ACTUAL PERSONALITIES! Anyway...). That said, I sorta liked him in this movie. Mark Ruffalo did a really great job in his portrayal and Whedon did a spectacular job in his scripting. I mean, he wasnt my favorite character or anything (that title belongs to Captain America because come on) but I actually did like him, which is definitely saying something.

All in all, I think this is replacing X-Men: First Class as my favorite Marvel movie thus far (which again is definitely saying something since I am a pretty serious X-Men fanboy...). A real must-see!

sowhatelse said...

I'm not even a huge Avengers fan and I really enjoyed it. For a bunch of comic book characters, all of them were drawn very realistically in how they would react to the situations that are facing them and in overcoming personality clashes with the other members of the team. I also thought the script did a good job of explaining how each of the heroes brought something to the table.

For me, the weak link in the chain was Jeremy Renner. I maybe just don't get him but he's never struck me as a particularly charismatic or interesting performer so I think almost anyone could have stepped into his role and it wouldn't have made any difference.

As everyone is sure to know by now, sit through the opening credits.

sowhatelse said...

I meant to say above: sit through the opening phase of the closing credits.

Drew F said...

Sit through ALL the credits! Theres another (awesome) cut scene at the end :)