Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good Morning, World


I don't remember what movie-of-yore it was that Colin Farrell was sporting this vintage porn-star look for, if it even was for a movie, but I liked that look. Also in the "good look for Colin Farrell" column:

He should have this look all the time. 
A happy 36th birthday to him today!

Oh and yes, we are (momentarily) back! Hello. I hope everybody has had a nice week. I say "momentarily" because we've got a million things to get done today before taking a half-day tomorrow so we can head out to New Jersey for Radiohead. So we'll see how today goes. Anyway. Hi.

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billybil said...

Honestly - all I really want to do is snog Colin just a little bit. Is that really so much to ask?