Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Good Morning, World


Perhaps you're noticing an obsession slightly larger than normal (that is to say, gargantuan) with the actors of The Avengers creeping in at the corners of MNPP this week? I can't imagine why that might be. It's just odd, right? Totally effing bizarre. Let's just go with it, see where it takes us. Like here, for instance:


Eve said...

And I have nothing to complain about that.

Keep it coming!

Eve said...

Mark my words: you'll become even more obsessed after you've watched the movie.

John T said...

The only way this movie can live up to the hype is they all have an orgy with Loki.

paco. said...

You're going to love Captain America's re-introduction in the movie, the first few frames are GLORIOUS!