Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Am Link

--- Weiner Movie - Matt Weiner that is; He's the guy who made Mad Men and now he is making a movie called I Am Here that will star Zach Galifianakis as a no-doubt well-bearded man-boy and Owen Wilson as a crooked nosed side-smirker. Also, the indefatigable Amy Poehler on drums! Oh and Bradley Cooper isn't in it but it felt wrong to cut him out of that picture.

--- Joe & Juli - Goddess Julianne Moore is in talks to play Joe Gordon-Levitt's lothario mentor in his directorial debut, which we'd already heard also has Scarlett Johansson on board as one of his lady conquests. I love the idea of Juli teaching Joe how to be a man-whore!

--- Space Rating - I've stopped reading articles on Prometheus because there's been too much story revealed and I'm willing myself into ignorance, but here's Ridley Scott talking about whether the movie will be rated R or PG-13, which reminds me of this interesting piece at Gawker the other day where fourfour's Rich talked about just how much more money PG-13 movies make.

--- Clyde's Tale - It's only two weeks into the new season and I've already missed the boat both times but here's the latest episode of the terribly fun series Hit Me With Your Best Shot at The Film Experience, this time for the stone-cold classic Bonnie and Clyde. Oh, Clyde. I don't care if you can't get it up! I will hold your gun for you anyway!

--- Safety First - A friend of mine already saw Safety Not Guaranteed and loved it, so I'm looking forward to it terribly, not that I wouldn't have been anyway, what with it starring Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza and being some kind of lo-fi spin on Back to the Future. You can watch the trailer here.

--- New Breed - Apparently Clive Barker is going to try to make a TV series based on Nightbreed, his 1990 movie based on his 1998 book Cabal. I've seen Nightbreed but I don't think I ever read Cabal? Is that possible. Anyway this will have a lot of sex and gore and sexy gore and gory sex in it, I'm sure. Maybe he can get David Cronenberg back to play the button-eyed terror!

--- And finally - Holy shit, my friend Sean is going to be covering A Game of Thrones for Rolling Stone! I've only been sending you over to read his writing on this show since forever so this is obviously all my doing. Seriously though congrats to Sean and y'all go forth and read his piece on "The Seven Most Awful Things People Did on Game Of Thrones Season One." (Only seven?) Oh and here's a picture of what I've wished was waiting for me inside every present I have ever opened:

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