Monday, March 19, 2012

Dan & Dane Are Darling


Via JJ comes some pictures from the Brooklyn set of Kill Your Darlings, that Beat murder bio-pic I've posted endlessly about already. That's Daniel Radcliffe playing Allen Ginsberg and Chronicle star Dane DeHaan as the killer Lucien Carr.

Carr murdered a man named David Kammerer (being played in the movie by Michael C. Hall) and he then used the gay panic defense, saying he killed Kammerer because Kammerer came onto him. Ginsberg refuted that story as being very likely though, on the grounds that he and Carr had once been sexual together. So, judging off of these friendly pictures, I guess we'll be seeing some of that? Please?

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ben said...

Daniel recently stated on the Graham Norton show that the director of this film gave him strict instructions to not groom, trim or remove any pubic or body hair for this role, as Daniel will be playing a 1950s bohemian Jew who I assume were hairy...particularly when unclothed.

Daniel "Equus" Radcliffe + a director who loves his men hairy = my imagination running away with me.