Thursday, February 16, 2012

There are Fifty-Seven Days...


... until the Joss Whedon-scripted Drew Goddard-directed and Chris Hemsworth-starring The Cabin in the Woods comes out on April 13th. 57! That's not really that much considering the fact that we've been waiting for about four years. For real, I just went back through all my Joss Whedon posts and found what I think is my first mention of the movie, and it was in July of 2008. To give you some perspective on that, looking at the surrounding posts at that time I was also really excited about the trailer for Quantum of Solace and the fact that Helena Bonham Carter might have a tiny part in the new Terminator movie. Good grief.

Anyway, 57 days. I can deal with that. I also might be very very quiet on the movie until then, because I thought the trailer for it might have given away too much and I don't want to see any more footage, lest I spoil myself completely. The fact that I've made it four years and not had it ruined already is incredible, really.

So anyway, keeping with what I just said about trying not to spoil myself for it in these last 57 days, hey look there's a new interview with Joss Whedon talking about the movie! And since it's Joss Whedon talking about horror, I just have to go and quote all of it, because it's better than the union of chocolate and peanut butter, Joss and horror. Man I cannot wait for this thing!

“It’s basically a very loving hate letter... On some level it was completely a lark, me and Drew [Goddard, director] trying to figure out what the most fun we could have would be. On another level it’s a serious critique of what we love and what we don’t about horror movies.

I love being scared. I love that mixture of thrill, of horror, that objectification/identification thing of wanting definitely for the people to be alright but at the same time hoping they’ll go somewhere dark and face something awful.

The things that I don’t like are kids acting like idiots, the devolution of the horror movie into torture porn and into a long series of sadistic comeuppances. Drew and I both felt that the pendulum had sung a little too far in that direction."

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