Friday, February 17, 2012

Good Morning, World


A happy 31st birthday to Joseph Gordon-Levitt today. Pickings be slim for what's left of him for me to post that I haven't already - I was tempted to post more pictures of him in his tighty-whities in Hesher but I've already posted so many... these moderately satisfying shirtless shots above are from the 2009 movie Uncertainty, which certainly was. The most memorable thing about that movie was the fact that Joe was actually at the screening of it I went to and sat right across from me at a vantage point so I could stare at him the entire time, so I only half paid attention to the movie anyway. This was especially weird slash awesome during the film's sex scene, which he seemed not at all weirded out by but... kind of into. He leaned a little bit forward. I don't want to read too much into some vaguely remembered body language but I bet you he had a full-on boner, is my point. (I think of Joe as being the type to like showing off, thanks to that Shortbus jerk-off rumor.) So anyway it took all I had in me not to jump on him right then and there, the end.


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