Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Richard Madden Four Times


The Young Wolf rises! He looks really young in that top shot, doesn't he? I suppose the mop-top and scruff (and sword and weight of the world and what not) he wears as Robb Stark age him up. Anyway it's 54 days until A Game of Thrones is back on, and I personally am looking forward to some more Big Dick Madden. My memories of the second book's specifics are kind of vague at this point but I'm sure there's lots for him to do.

Here's three shots of him and Harry "Viserys" Lloyd - who won't have much to do in the second season, being totally dead and all - standing beside each other and pointedly not making out.

You can see more of Madden here and here and here.


Jonathan Ravenhill said...

Why do you say pointedly NOT making out?

Jason Adams said...

Because all I can see is how they are NOT making out, which is what I want them to be doing, therefore it is pointing ME in the eye. It really has nothing to do with whether they want to make out or not in reality. I don;'t care about their silly wants or needs! ;)