Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I Am Link

--- Shaken And Stirred - I guess that shot of Daniel Craig's speedo-clad ass-crack wasn't the first "official" still from the new James Bond movie Skyfall, since that's what they're calling this much less exciting shot of Danny looking a little constipated in the face. I mean, I love Danny's constipated face, don't get me wrong, but it's no speedo-clad ass-crack, ya know?

--- Good Woman Plays Bad Woman - I have had about my fill (well past, honestly) of Caribou Barbie in this lifetime, so I haven't watched the trailer for Game Change with the lovely and awesome Julianne Moore playing Sarah Palin. Should I bother? I mean, I'm sure Juli's going to do a great job, but the thought of beautiful Juli dolled up as that moronic hillbilly harridan makes me kind of queasy. 

--- Boo Flew - Have you watched the trailer for 7500, the new horror flick from the director of The Grudge? It appears to be "The Grudge On A Plane." Or Ghosts on a Plane, as I saw it referenced as well. Although that really needs an exclamation point if you ask me. Ghosts on a Plane! Anyway it stars Ryan Kwanten and Leslie Bibb and is a haunted house movie... on a plane. Ryan looks hot but I have my doubts that he's going to find the opportunity to take off his clothes in this, which is disappointing. It's out at the end of August.

--- Down The Water Spout - I can't remember if I've ever gotten around to watching Nash Edgerton's short film Spider - brother to the actor Joel, Nash made the brilliantly tense film The Square - but it's supposed to be awesome and Slash has got it, along with a tease of its sequel called Bear, right here. I've meant to if I haven't, so I will check it out later. This is me reminding myself to do that. Done, and done!

--- Roadies - I loved Nat's little ode to a very fine scene between Carey Mulligan and Ryan Gosling in Drive over at Towleroad yesterday. It's out on DVD now, so we can all watch that scene where [SPOILER] gets [SPOILER] in the [SPOILER] over and over again, hooray!

--- And speaking of Drive, the Mondo poster for it that just got revealed is really hot shit. If I didn't already have a closet filled with movie posters my boyfriend won't let me hang on the wall I'd be all over it.

--- Whither Meyers - A 3rd Halloween film in the rebooted series was scheduled to come out in time for Halloween this year, but seeing as how they haven't even cast anybody yet, let alone filmed a single frame, they thought better of that and now it's been pushed to next year, says STYD. I'm kind of sad that the big three slasher killers are AWOL right now. I need at least one of them in my life! Michael, Freddy, Jason, come back to me!

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I was wondering if you were going to write a list of your favorite horror films of 2011? I need some recommendations!