Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good Morning, World


(click to embiggen) That's a 26-year old Sam Worthingon in a movie called Dirty Deeds in 2002. (via) Weird that I've never seen these before, since I went through a pretty thorough Sam phase around the time of Terminator Salvation, before he put out a bunch of boring performances in boring movies. Anyway, he looks good here. I hope Wrath of the Titans is fun, you guys. The trailer hasn't convinced me it will be but I love mythological shenanigans too much to miss it. Burn me once, shame on me; burn me twice, even more shame on me.


James T said...

OMG, you're totally wrong!
Avatar is not boring. It's just bad! ;)

These pics are quite good, though. Obviously.

Jasper said...

I'm far too in love to ever be bored by him, but he really does need to play a role where he occasionally gets to smile or laugh or demonstrate the charm he has in talk-show appearances or whatever. No more glowering, beleaguered heroes, Sam. At least for a year or so.

Roark said...

he looks so much better with his hair cut short. the weird shaggy mullet look he's sporting in man on a ledge and the clash sequel is horrible.

Anonymous said...

He looks amazing here. Very cute guys with normal bodies are the best.