Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All Dressed In Black Black Black


This has nothing to do with the movie so really it's apropos of nothing, which makes it the perfect thing for me to begin this review with, since I am me and I live apropos of nothing, but right now as I sat down - well I was already sitting, so never-mind, as I sat and decided to begin this review, not coming from a standing position at all, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the kiddie song "Mary Mack" out of nowhere. I hadn't thought of "Mary Mack" in years and years and I certainly didn't think of it while watching The Woman In Black, but I thought of it right now, already sitting and starting this review, so here we are, talking about "Mary Mack." All dressed in black, black, black, with silver buttons, buttons, buttons, all down her back, back, back. It's as good a place to start as any, right? Right? hello? Anybody still here?

So there is a woman wearing black in The Woman In Black, thankfully, but we never do get a good look-see if she's wearing silver buttons down her back (back back), which is unfortunate. What is not unfortunate is golly this movie was good! A good ol' fashioned creeper with at least thirty full minutes of Danny Radcliffe walking around holding candles and following the strange sounds in distant creaky rooms of Ye Olde Haunted House. At least. I think there are sequences that are literally him doing this like four or five times in a row - he hears a noise at one end of the house, races to investigate, gets there, there's a little scare or a big scare, depending on how far into the movie we are, and then whoosh he's chasing another thunk to the other end of the house, rinse repeat. 

That might sound like I am complaining, but only if you don't know me. Or anything! That's awesome! We love that. The atmosphere is thick with mildew and well-coiffed cobwebbery, and lil' Danny's giving it all with his big watery eyes at every moment. He makes for a terrific boy-man Deborah Kerr. There's even an effectively morbid collection of old-fashioned dolls and toys, which I was just bitching about not being scary the other day with my review of the TV show The River - and yet they made them work here.

I mean sure I did get a little lost at one point where I started contemplating who the hell was lighting all these candles he kept finding already lit around the house, but then the little kids started setting themselves on fire or whatever and I was pulled back in. I mean, you know what's creepy? Child murder. I mean I hope you knew that already, but just in case, now you do! 


Jen said...
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Jen said...

Gah, I loved this movie so much! Old-fashioned in the very best way, and hugely, creepily atmospheric! The set design was so good - and Radcliffe looked great in period costume! My BF and I saw it at 10 PM on a Wednesday and were the only people in the whole theater, which made me a tiny bit sad, but was mostly totally awesome! (And yes, that many exclamation points are definitely warranted.)

john said...

Sorry JA, i know this should be about woman in black, but i've been meaning to ask you if you'll be doing a great gratuities of 2011/golden trousers. MNPP cannot be the same without it!

Jason Adams said...

It's taken me awhile to see everything I wanted to see from 2011, John, but I think I'm pretty much there so I imagine I'll get to the awards in the next couple of weeks, once I get myself going on it. It's so much work! I am intimidated. But soon.