Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Does Whatever A Spider Man Does


Been awhile since we checked in on the Spider-Man reboot front with our British boyfriend (well one of them) Andrew Garfield (outta the way, Emma Stone!). They're been releasing some new pictures lately, so here they be. Some of them where his face isn't showing who knows if that's actually him in the costume or not. It could be Emma Stone for all we know! It could be me, even. Oh did I just spoil the end of the movie? Whoops. I am Spider-Man you guys. Now you know.

1 comment:

James T said...

I remember you saying that you're very tall so you're not the Spiderman of these photos. (Cause I needed that reasoning)

There's a rumour that Emma Stone is a lesbian, so don't worry. Actually I'm the one who started the rumour right here, right now. Shame on me.

It's cool that Andrew is our boyfriend but at some point I'm going to demand exclusiveness. He's my lobster!