Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Moment I Fell For... Juliette Binoche


The English Patient, which must be on my mind because of today's Kristin Scott Thomas post earlier, was the first place I ever saw this Binoche person, and it was a whole heart skipped a beat thing. I guess I wasn't alone since they threw an Oscar at her for it. This is so queer of me to put it this way but I can't help it, she makes me behave in this way, but sometimes I can't even comprehend the depths of emotion that watching her on-screen stirs up in me. It's too much sometimes, how open a presence she is to watch. It feels intrusive, just watching her be, she can project so much with a twitch of her mouth or a smile in her eyes or tears, marvelous endless buckets of tears. God I adore her so much.

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Andrew K. said...

*Squeals in delight* I love this, mostly because TEP is my favourite movie but also because every word is on the ball. Juliette is magnificent (same as KST and Ralph).