Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hamish Says Hey


That's Hamish Linklater, one half of The Future, Miranda July's wonderful second film which is out on DVD today. (Here's my review.) Today! Hooray! I should have a copy sitting at home for me right this second (along with July's husband's movie Beginners, which I haven't seen yet, and which just gobbled up a bunch of awards today that his wife's movie is too divisive to claim but totally deserves, alas).

I never told you guys about that live performance of July's new book It Chooses You that I saw a few weeks ago, did I? Oh it was marvelous. The theater didn't let me take pictures, the bastards, otherwise I'd most definitely have posted them. My love for her work (and her personally, I might add) only deepens with every new exposure I get. I worship her, y'all. Have you seen this series of pictures of her posing as extras in old movies? Add it to the list of things her touch has made incredible. Worship.

Hey look who grew a beard!

I like it. I also like him in a towel.

I just like him, basically.

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