Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Morning, World


A happy 29th birthday to Patrick Fugit, who was so wonderful in Almost Famous eleven years (!) ago. He'll next be seen reuniting with Cameron Crowe for We Bought A Zoo (well he won't be seen by me because that movie's trailer stabs me in the brain, but maybe he'll be see by you)(sucker). As I looked up pictures of him this morning in order to find the morning-oriented one seen above I was struck by how perfect he'd be to play Wes Bentley's brother. Right?

Well, brother or make out partner. Or both!


Anonymous said...

Today is also Fran Lebowitz birthday. Have you seen Scorsese's "Public Speaking"? She's not a hot guy per se, but she holds the screen beautifully in it.

Jason Adams said...

I haven't ever seen it, anon. I have to admit I'm woefully under-familiar with Fran's stuff - I know what she looks like though so I understand that "per se." ;)