Monday, October 10, 2011

Dominic Cooper Seven Times


Despite constant diligence on my part, photo-shoots of Dominic Cooper keep slipping through my fingers. This ones from Esquire last month, but since I saw his latest movie just last night I suppose it's timely anyway. I didn't mention Dom in my review of My Week With Marilyn because he really didn't have much to do besides work on his American accent and have really spectacular hair. Plus the prick didn't show for the screening, so I'm miffed. Miffed, I says! Not enough to not post these pictures, obviously.

Oh and here's a bonus pair that don't fit with those ones above since one's a paparazzi shot and the other's of him in character for The Devil's Double, but they deserve posting anyway as you'll see...

I would sell the souls of the first-born children of every person I know for an entire set from when that left-hand picture was taken.

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Anonymous said...

Dominic Cooper is the hottest man on the planet, bar none.