Monday, September 19, 2011

I Am Link

--- Rush Rush - Last week we were awfully excited to learn that director Neil Marshall, of The Descent and Centurion amongst others, would be directing an episode of the second season of A Game of Thrones, and now we're like even way more so upon seeing it's an episode written by series author George R. R. Martin himself (for my money the episode GRRM wrote in the first season, "The Pointy End", was the season's best, swooping through the show's multiple story-lines with the most grace and righting the tone of some of the characters the show was having some problems with - and not just that, it's the episode having to do with "The Blackwater Rush" which if you've read the books you're already very excited to see and if not, just wait. Just wait! This is some Dream Team shenanigans going down here. (via)

--- Half Baked - Over at LowRes Joe's given out his half-year awards for the junk he's dug so far in 2011, and it's stuffed with goodness. Our concurrent love affair with Teresa Palmer and Haley Bennet!

--- Speaking of 2011 lists, Prospero tells us of the horror movies still left to haunt the year, and I'd actually not heard of one - The Awakening with Rebecca Hall, who we love. And Imelda Staunton, who we also love! Actual real actors, acting! We love that.

--- Jerri Curls -  I was a bit disappointed with the Strangers With Candy movie when it came out but Club Silencio's got me desperate to revisit it with this post on Jerri's greatness. I'm sure, with my expectations appropriately placed, it'll be a hoot.

--- RIP Marble Rye - I would've done a horrible job remembering the million places I'd seen the just-passed-away character actress Frances Bay over the years, so posts like the one Glenn did at Stale Popcorn remembering her have been essential. What's weird is we just posted on her scene at the end of Blue Velvet here at MNPP.

--- Mister Kent - Kevin Costner, ever his worst enemy, has had to drop out of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained because of scheduling conflicts. Apparently he had something more important to do? Although mid-sentence I did remember he is in Zach Snyder's Superman movie, maybe it has to do with that. Pa Kent will not do to his career what Django woulda though. Oh well. Find somebody good, QT!

--- Over at FF Simone properly reviewed up Fassy's Shame - there are light spoilers within so I only skimmed, I'm trying to not know everything before I see it at NYFF next month. Gay stuff is mentioned though!

---  Back To Burkitsville - It seems like we get this news every year - perhaps around Halloween, too? - that the dudes who made the first Blair Witch movie are like totally willing to make a third movie, if anybody would return their calls! And I report on it every time because I'd actually like to see a third Blair Witch movie. I got ten bucks, and I will return your calls! Give me Executive Producer credit and I'm in!

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