Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bigger Dom In Shorter Shorts


I already posted this picture of Dominic Cooper in his short shorts in The Devil's Double awhile back, but I stumbled upon this super enormous copy of it yesterday and I was taught by my momma that it is nice to share. And it's not like anybody in their right mind could be tired of looking at it. Blogger's even forcing me to shrink it when I post it - click here for the biggest size. Good grief, it is big. Huge! Like "Familiarize yourself intimately with the hairs around his bellybutton" big. So almost perfect.... "Perfect" will be when he crawls out of the screen and sits on my lap. That'll be just right. Anyway I just wish the movie were on DVD already, I want to nay need to screen-cap all the assy goodness therein. I grow impatient!

Oh and apparently Dom's got a twitter now. Do you think he's appreciate a tweet every hour on the hour complimenting his behind? Because I could do that. I could do that easily.

1 comment:

Griff said...

omg I love you. Thank you SO much. Now it's big enough to be my wallpaper!! (1920x1080 is NOT an easy size to fit... wow, that sounded a lot more pervy than I meant it to..)

Still one of the best Men And Movies blogs on the Net. ;)